Lenticular printing creates images with the illusion of depth, or images that change as they are viewed from different angles. Thanks to this technique, which makes use of  lenticular material, it is possible to print the illusion of 3D and of movement, without the use of special glasses. Lenticular printing can create several special effects of great visual impact for the viewer.

3D Effect

Thanks to the lenticular material, each of your eyes sees a different image, thus creating the illusion of depth and  3D.

Flip Effect

It switches from one image to another. This effect is achieved by employing two images replacing one another. Ideal for the creation of ‘Before-After’ situations or for the classic change of image.

Zoom Effect

It creates an animation with the image gradually expanding or reducing in size ( zooming in and zooming out) in order to highlight a detail. This way, the viewer’s attention is drawn to that specific detail.


Morph Effect

It creates a fluid transformation from image A to image B. This animation is ideal when conveying the idea of evolution.

Moving Effect

It creates a brief animation with  the visual impact of a video. This effect is achieved from video editing, through a movie or the different frames composing it.